Rural Task Force (RTF)

The Border 2020 New Mexico-Chihuahua Rural Task Force is a locally-based group that provides a forum for rural communities in southwestern New Mexico and northwestern Chihuahua to discuss environmental and public health issues in the border area.

The Rural Task Force facilitates consensus on environmental and public health priorities, and develops action plans to address those priorities. The group also promotes implementation of projects.

Priority Issues of The Rural Task Force

  • Water Quality and Quantity. Because transboundary groundwater aquifers are the only source of drinking water for border communities in this region, groundwater depletion and water quality are major concerns
  • Air Quality. Particulate matter air pollution caused by windblown dust from unpaved roads and cleared land, trash burning, medical waste burning and tire fires affects the quality of the air in Columbus-Palomas.
  • Ecological Impacts. Loss of unique ecological values of Chihuahuan Desert ecosystems brought about by inefficient use of natural resources, land use changes and invasive species is of international concern.